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plantART - throughout this Blog, plantART's intention is to provide examples, demonstrate and show how to use large artificial trees, topiary, boxwood and plants to transform business premises, interiors and exteriors, making them distinctively attractive, welcoming and where necessary provide the WOW! Factor.

plantART - brings to this Blog an informative resource for people to use and share our 30 years of knowledge, expertise and experience in innovation, design, supply, delivery and installation, specifically bespoke Large Artificial Trees specially for extensive commercial buildings. Other flame retardant and UV stable products in specialised areas, namely tall outdoor grade artificial palms, extensive range of made to order artificial boxwood topiary hedges and figures etc, along with many other innovative products providing solutions to corporations and businesses which operate mainly in the hotel, restaurant, visual merchandising, exhibition, transportation sectors throughout the UK, Europe and around the World

Friday 11th November 2011

Large Artificial Trees, Palms, Bamboo & Plant Videos

Large Artificial Olive Tree Large Artificial Palm Tree Outdoor Artificial Plants
Videos are a great way for us at plantART to show you so much more detail about how our large trees look in real situations. plantART’s artificial trees appear to be “alive” - well no big surprise there the large artificial palms are made using real preserved palm fronds - leaves and trunks. And as with the natural wood materials used in plantART’s fabulous tree building portfolio - these materials are taken from sustainable sources.
In this initial collection of vivid explanatory videos we have our first clip showing Large Artificial Palms - a fascinating demonstration which explores the insight- what makes these palms such a wonderful choice to enhance any large interior space.
Large artificial Date palms, Washingtonia, Coconut and Phoenix palm are the most popular. 15m tall plus, straight up, curvy or with bends; all made to suit your interior designs.
Large artificial Olive Trees make splendid interior trees. PlantART offer trees for interior spaces as standard up to 7.0m tall. However they can be easily extended to 8.0m tall and special “one offs” with extra wide canopies. Such beautiful majestic trees, with the charm and tranquility of Mediterranean olive groves. So we provide all this in one fabulous tree.
Large Artificial Olive Trees are without doubt a fast growing first choice for clients. And now becoming a popular favourite for replacing dead fresh trees outside.
plantART has recently introduced a UV Stable foliage. Caution!! the foliage is still manufactured from polyester - synthetic silk - therefore artificial olive trees situated outside must be positioned in sheltered locations. Not the perfect answer but they do provide a good alternative; however, will suffer from direct force of adverse weather conditions.
On the day of posting this news release coincidentally is the final day of the Big Brother live TV showing.
The artificial plants and trees you will have seen in the house and garden were supplied by plantART. The pervious “celebrity” edition showed a broader spread including artificial bamboos in the Gym area along with complimentary artificial olive trees to decorate “the bit on the side” shows. The video you will see here demonstrates the wonderful collection of large outdoor artificial palms, trees and bamboo which for the entire program have enhanced the Big Brother Media Village and making the working experience so more enjoyable.
What better natural medium, the pleasant way to relax. Watch the video then seek today the benefits of living and working in the presence of trees and plants. Research has shown, although it is very obvious, our emotional stresses are reduced and our happy wellbeing increased when we are among them. 
Do take a few moment to peruse through the videos. The videos offer a 3D element and show how realistic artificial palms, trees, giant artificial bamboo and plants can look in everyday environments
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