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Tuesday 05th October 2010

And Even More Fantastic Real Example Uses of Artificial Exterior Plants

Artificial Boxwood Hedges Artificail Topiary Hedges Artificial Exterior Plants

How to Use Artificial Exterior Plants to Make a Good Visual Impression – Part Two.
Here again plantART is “showing off” real applications, in real jobs and for real customers.
“Made to Our Customers' Specifications, Needs and Wants"
Two examples here showing two different uses, different styles and as a result of two different customer applications. One scheme is for a first floor restaurant balcony in Leicester Square, Central London. The second scheme, also for a balcony location, was purpose made for private residence in Edinburgh.
Both schemes involving large artificial boxwood hedges – these products are not off the shelf, not kept in stock but made to order and what’s more constructed to the customer’s specifications to fulfil their needs.
In a Residential Setting - 100cm long & 100cm high Artificial Boxwood Hedges
The sequence of pictures shown below shows the adventurous process of building and then installing the displays on site.
 A Commercial Setting - Large Artificial Boxwood Hedges to a First Floor Balcony Terrace
                   Front Elevation View - Before ---------------------------------- and After Installation  
                     Side Elevation View - Before ---------------------------------- and After Installation 
Customers for many different reasons and from equally diverse business sectors are choosing to use artificial boxwood hedges as an integral part of their exterior restaurant/café culture scheme, to enhance a brand image and/or to catalyse a functional process.
Because every premises is very dissimilar, then so are the specifications for the hedges commissioned.
The initial stages in the preparation process.
Ensuring the wood planters are painted with a good quality exterior paint treatment. The wood materials and fixings are all exterior grade.
Then commences the long and painstaking task of fitting the artificial boxwood, which comes from the manufactures in 10 inch squares. For in more detail about constructing artificial boxwood hedges please take a look at our article on the subject.
Lights – small white LED lights,
used here as an additional and spectacular accessory. Adding lights has a double bonus and benefit – people just love plants and lights. The lights also attract attention, provide a soft and relaxing atmosphere. These are available in a number of colours and can be linked together from one power source to make a continuous 120 meter length of lights.
Providing products to go into busy public areas must be constructed to a high standard in that they must be durable, safe and fulfil their intended purpose thereby resulting in significant customer benefits whether financial, visual or operational.
Fitting on Site
Big and heavy artificial boxwood hedges, fitted onto a high first floor balcony parapet above a very busy café restaurant needs to be secured with very strong brackets and reliable fixings: plus they need to be fit for purpose and be in keeping with the venue and décor.
The method of fixing was designed to eliminate risk to the public below and the installation staff working above. Fitting was comfortably carried out from within the safety of the balcony safety rails.
All Finished, Securely Fitted into Place, Lights Switched on and Ready for Business
Materials used obviously must be suitable for exterior use, paint and protection systems need to be weather resistant and equally important for the artificial boxwood hedges to look the part.
plantART a hybrid company a new brand of ISD(UK)Ltd has developed this unusual niche; but, still benefits from the advantages of drawing on the resourceful wealth of information easily unleashed from ISD’s 27 years of accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise.
 plantART is always available to answer questions, give advice and provide quotations for artificial exterior plants for either your home or business,
simply call us on freefone 0800 614 540 or drop us an e-mail.


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