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Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial Palm Trees are very popular household plants, often placed in our homes, hotels, public buildings and a myriad of other venues since the Victorian era.
Artificial Palms are incredibly popular and People just love their presence.
Unfortunately, fresh palms suffer from the effect of draughts, cold air and extreme sunlight, especially when place un-protected in conservatories and south facing windows.
We offer a wonderful range of Artificial Palms that overcome these issues and allow us all now to enjoy the splendour that palms afford without the hassle.
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1.7m Artificial Heliconia Palm


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Artificial Paradise Palm


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Artificial Phoenix Palm Tree


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Artificial Robellini Palm


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Artificial Gerneric Palm

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1.5m (5ft) Artificial Banana Tree


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2.1m - 7m Large Artificial Date Palm

From £700/mtr

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Artificial Triple Head Cycas Palm Tree


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