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Artificial Bamboo Trees

Elegant, charming and calming, these artificial bamboo trees are actually large grasses in nature.

plantART's Faux Bamboo convey an air of awe-inspiring splendour and can be used to great effect in decorating and enhancing any location or venue.

These extremely true to life reproduction “Fake Bamboo Plants” are popular favourites and can be used in both domestic and commercial settings.
Installation options are enormous, Artificial Bamboo Trees can be as varied as small standalone fafe trees, available in various varieties and leaf styles, to provide “hedge” screening, formal “avenue” planting or if in the form of tall, spectacular bespoke  very large artificial bamboo trees.

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Artificial Oriental Multiple Stem Bamboo Trees


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Artificial Multiple Natural Stem Bamboo Tree


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Artificial Japanese Bamboo Tree


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Artificial "Panda" Bamboo Tree


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