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How to ensure you reduce the risk of fire ................................
How to ensure you reduce the risk of fire ............
and safety whether at home, at work or as part of our leisure activities is often in the forefront in our minds as we go about our daily lives.
One thing we all fear has to be fire and all the preparation we do to prevent it, it does occur, leading to loss of life, property and areas of natural beauty.
Inherently Fire Resistant
Provides Peace of Mind
Firesilx is an exclusive range of inherently fire retardant products that have been tested by numerous fire departments worldwide. A British Standard (BS5852) fire certificate is provided for each Firesilx product purchased. The fire resistant properties are part of the manufacturing process in the production of the foliage and PVC parts. The protection is not sprayed onto the product, or the product dipped into fire retardant water based soluble chemical solution. This was a former process that gave leaves an oily film that resulted in dust collection. Inherent Fire Resistant products provide a money saving process that requires less frequent cleaning and the necessity of reproofing. This is an important factor to consider particularly when specifying large commercial projects in terms of both on going costs and disruption to business operations.
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