How Artificial Trees play an important role in the design of large interior spaces
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How Artificial Trees can play an important role in the design of large interior spaces 
How fortunate: I live in the heart of a beautiful forestland area which is a combination of new and historical woodlands with a dense concentration of spectacular large majestic beech, dominant English oak and enchanting but graceful chestnut trees all casting their supremacy over the surrounding countryside. The planned and newly created woodlands which have since allowed virtually every indigenous specious of trees to mature over the past twenty two years; although man made inspired recreation this revelation is now a thriving natural environment which has in turn encouraged the introduction of wildlife, flowers and birds that have been absent and discouraged for many generations.
People just love to be in the presence of trees. Mankind’s evolutional journey has evolved around the dependance, cohabitation, working and living in harmony with plants and trees. Research over many decades has concluded the presence of plants and trees can reduce stress and anxiety levels in people. This phenomena is especially evident and becoming notability effective by bringing the outdoors indoors into places of high congestion and intense stress stimuli such as busy and demanding work places, hospitals, shopping malls and airports etc.
A simple initiative, the introduction of trees and green foliage plants have provided the catalytic calming effect in people along with other benefits of making places appear welcoming, less intimidating and comfortable.
In reality positioning large live trees into specious public buildings is impractical  - such a shame! However; thankfully the progression and innovative technological advances allows so very authentic looking tall artificial trees to provide suitable alternatives. Big artificial trees of all varieties, styles and sizes are now truly a practical solution for both interior and exterior uses.
Many people struggle to tell the difference from the real alternative. Foliages are now available in inherently fire retardant (IFR) a must for interior public spaces and UV stable for outdoor artificial trees to prevent foliage discolouration and deterioration as a result of sunlight.
Just recently over the past two years plantART has created innovated solutions to many customers’ diverse requests. Namely plantART built a very large artificial apple tree which needed to appear to “grow” over a three day exhibition period, 4m tall/long floating pink artificial cherry blossom trees into the reception areas of a prestigious hotel and  artificial English oak trees to form part of an enchanted forest project  at a school library to provide an inspiring place to learn. Other popular varieties commonly requested artificial trees are ficus, maple, silver birch and the wonderful olive which are especially popular outdoor artificial trees. Although now and in the past most artificial trees have been constructed using wood materials which are sourced from sustainable managed woodlands.
What’s so amazing is now with advanced tree building technology permits relative large lightweight  “gnarly” trunks with an interesting range of synthetic bark finishes. Now large synthetic artificial trees are being built thereby creating trees in manageable sections - thereby overcoming the problem of handling, access and installation.
Every artificial palm plantART fabricates becomes an individual master piece, a piece of art, often exceeding the clients expectations. So, for bespoke artificial palms along with an international delivery an installation service do please drop plantART an email or call our UK office on 0044 1207 460 140.
AND in the meantime there's always plantART's Blog - a continuos referrence and up date on What's New in the innovative world of inspiring artificial trees


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