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How To Win More Customers From The Competition.

The purpose of a business is to create and retain customers profitably. Many businesses in catering: cafes, restaurants and hotels etc. rely on people visiting their premises "to do" business. If customers don't like what they see, then they aren't going to walk through the doors and business isn't going to profit - visual appearance and first impressions count. Artificial plants are a solution not replacements to fresh plants, but it allows businesses another choice to suit their circumstances.

There are many factors that contribute to a successful growing business in the ever changing 21st century. Business owners can often complicate and cloud very basic principles. It is an assumption business owners have identified a need for their products, done the maths and set their "stall" out to attract customers. Yes? No?
For hundreds and thousands of years humans and plants have lived in harmony. Since time when mankind’s ancestors roamed the Serengeti plants and trees have provided them with a means to provide food, shelter, fuel and medication. In recent history people have seen how plants are used to brighten up their daily lives, at home, at the office, at work and during leisure times.
Plants provide comfort. Research has shown that people become less stressed, more relaxed and less confrontational in the presence of plants. So, plants play a healthy and pleasurable contribution to peoples' lives, their daily lives.
Sometimes it is not always practical to have plants around at times and in places where they are most wanted. For many years people have endeavored to keep fresh plants inside and in outdoor locations; however, as result of poor light, hostile weather conditions and/or the lack of care - they die.
The world is full of examples as a result of ever improving technology and demand, to reduce costs and satisfy convenience to provide new alternatives. Fast-food, frozen and preserved foods, synthetic fabrics instead of natural fibre for clothes, plastic veneers instead of woods or stones are a few examples where real and natural are being replaced by convenient artificial alternatives.
So here is a fantastic opportunity to have and enjoy the pleasure of plants wherever and whenever without the hassles of maintaining them or worrying if they will survive.
Much more evident today, businesses in particular are realising the fantastic opportunities and discovering how to promote their businesses through the means of so many fabulous artificial exterior plants and trees.
How many times do business owners become frustrated when they feel their business is not going right, they're not getting enough customers through the doors, the outside of their property isn’t very appealing and very uninviting; but still they haven’t accepted the fundamental importance? Yes! First impressions really do count.
How often do business owners see and visit their business to see it through the eyes of their customers? Have they ever seen and experienced their service and products as their customers would? How does the premises look from the outside; would they come back?
The answer is simple, make the first thing people see of any business premises, look attractive, appealing and welcoming to potential guests. Yes, perhaps the service is fantastic, the food is excellent and the interior decor is fabulous but if customers aren't coming through the doors then businesses won't be depositing much money into the bank account to pay those relentless ever demanding bills.
Just picture the scene. Going out to dinner to a new restaurant, drive up, observing for the first time the outside; the thought comes to mind "made a big mistake coming here" however, inside probably the food, service and staff are wonderful, it's comfortable and welcoming; but the first impressions of the outside is a put off?
Is it possible many businesses are losing potential customers? Perhaps they aren't even aware they've lost them because if they didn't like what they saw, then they were off down the road without anyone ever knowing. The first visual sighting customers see of a business is what becomes to be their first impression; and, that is the impression that sticks.
Well, fortunately, quite often the answer and solution is easy, quick and obvious to resolve.
The simple solution starts by taking a look at what the successful competition are doing and discover more information through the many and ever growing resources, the easiest being the online searches, the wonderful magic of the search engines, to discover the financial and useful benefits of outdoor artificial plants and trees. Most of these suppliers have taken all the hassle out, by making the solutions to these problems so very easy. Why? Because they have been there. They have the experience, knowledge and expertise and whats more they are able to show practical examples of what is really needed, not a "cheesey" makeover.
A growing number of businesses, primarily in the licensed and leisure industries, throughout the country have looked to develop exterior social areas as extended eating and drinking venues. Over recent years restaurant, cafe and hotel owners have discovered opportunities, realised financial rewards and benefits of adopting the increasingly popular continental exterior cafe, “Alfresco Culture.” A significant increase became more obvious following the UK smoking ban in enclosed public places during July 2007.
Designers, architects and business owners are showing an increased interest in outdoor artificial boxwood (Buxus), artificial bay trees and artificial topiary trees as pyramids and balls, known as standards - or sometimes referred to as "lollypop" shapes. Well, no surprise there as these are the most common variety of plants we see about, the ones people just love to have in and around their gardens, on their patios and decking areas. They're "just the ticket" especially as a quick and easy solution to smarten and brighten up entrances and other prominent areas. We know to keep real planting alive and in good condition also requires periodic clipping and pruning. Not a particularly difficult task however a good eye and steady hand is helpful as well as making time during busy periods to do it; plus staff time for feeding, watering and general care of fresh plants.
A good choice of plant containers will make an additional striking difference. The selection of impressive plants, add distinctive complimentary, contemporary or traditional plant containers to create fabulous, maintenance free and instantly eye-catching displays.
Artificial boxwood as hedges is another very popular product. The ease, convenience and flexibility of artificial boxwood hedges does allow the creative frontiers to be extended very quickly with instant effect. A fantastic product; a product offering many practical advantages to enclose areas, provide divisions, screens, avenues, archways and pillars, etc.
Artificial plants and artificial boxwood are ideal in dark, shaded, windy, exposed locations and a preferred choice alongside busy highways because real plants suffer from "wind burn" and the effects of vehicle exhaust pollution.
Artificial plants are an ongoing money saving solution as staff maintenance and watering costs. What ever the weather or time of year they will always look good.
Do, consider this, in the quest to ensure the outside of your business premises looks appealing 24/7 and to continually seek out where operating cost savings can be made, either through direct action or through efficiency savings, is to identify vital and important elements to help ensure business profitability.
Remember besides impressive, interesting and attractive plants in containers, strategically placed at the approaches, to the entrances and around the business premises, or striking artifical boxwood hedges, figures and shapes which make all the difference, don't forget to consider and include colourful artificial hanging baskets and artificial window boxes into the scheme.
The easy way to transform the ordinary into extraordinary: plantART can show how the use of artificial exterior plants can transform the visual appearance of business premises, attract more customers which keep coming back and they in turn will tell their friends of the wonderful experience they had.


How To Win More Customers From The Competition.


A restaurant, cafe or hotel business without customers is not a viable business - Obvious?

Discovering how to Gain and retain customers profitably, is not complicated or difficult, but the obvious is often overlooked


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