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Replica Trees, Plants, Topiary, Boxwood, Palms, Bamboo.
Replica trees and plants are becoming very popular choices when people are considering their interior décor schemes whether in their homes or as a means to create a welcoming, enhancing or softening effect in commercial settings such as hotels, restaurants and cafés etc.
Many more of plantART’s clients who have businesses within the licensed leisure industries are extending their business and taking advantage of increasing opportunities for the continental café culture in the form of outside dinning areas. Thus we find the increase and frequent uses of large outdoor replica plants and trees are now more evident. Exterior seating areas have become more popular since the introduction of the smoking ban in recent years.
The combinations and permutations of exterior replica trees and plants is extensive, available in many different sizes, varieties and colours; namely replica outdoor topiary and boxwood tress and hedges with UV stable and inherently fire resistant (IFR) foliage and replica leaves.
Location, layout and style of the venue play an important role with the choice of trees, planting and containers. plantART now has available an impressive range of large outdoor replica palms suitable for coastal and windy locations. These, up to 7.0m tall replica palms have been experiencing the hostile Northumbria weather over the past 18 months and even withstood heavy dumping of snow – after the thaw the fronds retained their natural pose.
Customers who are about to consider including either small or big replica trees, palms or plants are invited to browse through plantART’s comprehensive web-site which is designed to be a source and reference for information. And of course contact us should you have any questions, seek advice or need additional details.
Other popular products which are noticeably increasing in demand are large replica bamboo plus the majestic and magnificent large replica olive trees.
Replica boxwood and topiary hedges and trees outdoor for dinning areas, work well as boundary containment, area dividers or as screens now suitable for indoor and outdoor uses as the replica box mats materials are now available in fire resistant and UV stable options.
Large specimen interior trees, palms and bamboo are frequently requested by property developers, architects and designers, when considering finishing touches to new buildings which have spacious interiors.
When clients consider big, tall replica trees they benefit from significant benefits; because trees can be built using various species of replica leaves, any size and shape, as demonstrated in the diagram below.
Picture showing: - Large Replica Tree Design Options
As with trees there is also certain flexibility to be applied to how large replica palm trunks are fashion i.e. straight up, overhanging, leaning, curved and twisted. This facility all adds to creating interest and character. Clusters of palms using different heights and varying trunk configurations look great in large buildings such as shopping malls where the huge replica palm leaves can be directed to fill void spaces.
Both the preserved and replica palm leaves and fronds are available and made to be fire resistant.
Please give plantART a call on 0800 614 540 or via e-mail to answer question or for more information.


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