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Artificial Trees - Just the Ticket for Big Artificial Trees.
A simple pictorial guide, at a glance, showing what's readily available in the wonderful world of artificial trees.
Faux Trees, namely those designed for interior uses for commercial premises - hotels, shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls and prestigious corporate buildings etc.
In recent years the most common interior tropical tree seen indoors, the Ficus (also known as Weeping Fig, Fig Tree or Ficus benjamia was the most popular live or fake tropical trees used both in domestic and commercial settings.
Since the days of earlier versions of false trees which in comparison to the modern faux trees where relative “cheesy” looking. However don’t worry if you feel you have missed out; there is some still awful looking cheap and cheerful samples out there.
All plantART’s artificial trees are constructed using
 Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) foliage and faux leaves and faux leaves. IFR artificial leaves are an essential safety feature and is required in order to conform to fire regulations when fitted in public spaces and commercial spaces
For those customers searching for quality large artificial trees, plantART has an outstanding range of replica trees. The trunks, branches and artificial leaves are so life like people just can’t help to touch them to confirm their enquiring mind.
We feel it is always good for business when people say “are they real or fake trees?” Because obviously they aren’t sure.
Artificial Fig Tree 
The first artificial tree shown here in this collection of pictures is a fabulous specimen of a 7.0m artificial green ficus tree. The tree has a sturdy authentic resin trunk with an all in one square base. The base provides a stable free standing base which in turn can be easily fixed to the ground.
And as with all our large artificial trees they come to pieces, ready for transportation and for easy assembly at their intended destination.
White Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree
Faux cherry blossom trees are available in white and various shades of pink. Fake cherry blossom trees make a wonderful and colourful complimentary addition to the décor, particularly popular in restaurants and hotels. False cherry trees from 2.0m high, which recently have been in demand as seasonal “props” in many of the high street fashion houses, and ranging to spectacular trees up to 7.0m high
Artificial Ficus Trees
Smaller versions of the big artificial tree, shown in the top picture, are shown alongside (third picture down) as a group of 3.0m high faux fig trees which were installed recently at Glasgow International Airport This is a good example where fake fig trees are used to soften the décor, break up an extensive uniform area and add some social character.
 Artificial Olive Trees
Faux olive trees have got to be the new favourite tree asked for. Possibly because live olive trees had previously become a frequent choice; but, unfortunately in many cases have become dilapidated and now many are very unkempt.
Large fake olive trees, which plantART build on wide girth resin trunks, are truly splendid spectacular examples of replica olive trees; much like the ones seen in the Mediterranean regions in the ancient olive grooves  
UV stable artificial olive leaves. When weather conditions permit and in sheltered locations people are choosing to install artificial olive trees in exterior locations. UV stable faux olive leaves option is now available where false olive trees are to installed into predominately sunny climates
Artificial Apple Trees
Now for something completely different and unusual – faux apple trees. The
Fake apple tree shown in the along side is a special one-off in which by special client request for the need to be able to change and adjust the canopy profile. This was done by hinging the main branches: this is explained in more detail in a publication posted in the article section of this site under the title of “New Developments in the Fascinating world of Large Artificial Trees
As is the case with all the replica trees created by plantART. False apple trees are available in heights from 2.0m to 7.0m in any canopy shape whether “wind swept”, round-symmetrical or irregular.
Artificial Maple Trees
Replica maple trees have distinctive and delicate artificial leaves. Faux maple trees are also available in red and autumn shades. This fake maple tree was constructed using a different tree trunk profile i.e. a multiple stem version thereby giving this false maple tree a broader base profile without using a bulky and heavy large girth trunk.
Artificial Oak Trees
Faux oak trees is another one of plantART’s indigenous collection along with artificial birch an beech. Traditional English trees shown in this example as a 2.0m free standing fake oak tree supported on steel bases. Replica oak trees, as with all our artificial trees are available in all the sizes, canopy shapes and styles. The false oak tree shown in the picture take the symmetrical canopy shape which is synonymous with real oak trees
….. And for more information please give me a call, Paul Unger, on 0800 614 540 or drop me an e-mail


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